The "Day at the Races" event went off very well with US$ 810.00 being raised for the Tiyanjane Beach Village Trust. Material donations were also collected from companies within Lilongwe and every attending fisherman went home with a new blanket (an item held in high esteem in this part of the world) a "T" shirt and cap. The Trust was given a bicycle to assist the Chairman and Office Bearers in getting around on Trust business, which was very gratefully received as they have had to walk long distances up until now. The 10 canoes (20 fishermen) involved in the races were all paddled with great gustier whilst the spectators bought a team (auctioned off) with the winner retaining half of the float. In asking the Chairman what this money will be spent on, he has informed me that it is to go towards the building of a school in Chief Maganga's Domain, where they all come from.