Video showing the effort of hauling a beach seine and its meager result

This video was shot in 2006 at Senga Bay beach. The net is about 1000 feet long! It is forbidden to use beach seines at any place around the lake, but who is going to take away such a large investment of the village? After years of employing such nets the populations of the sand-dwelling cichlids of the shallow waters have all but completely vanished. At the end of this hour-long effort only a few fish were caught, by far not enough to supply for a meal for all participants in the haul. Nevertheless, beach seining continues till this day as there is no alternative.

Waterlands is also active in other areas that will benefit the local villagers. In order to offer them opportunities of an alternative income/profession they helped setup a trust fund for the beach community and organized a "Day at the Races" to generate fund locally. Click "more..." to read about Alan Pitman's comments on the "Day at the Races".