I (AP), as it happened, won 2 of the 3 races, the "Anything That Floats Race" and the "Fisherman's Race" with all my winnings being donated to the Trust, as I had to admit to an unfair advantage as I know the fishermen. A very funny and enjoyable day was had by all. The first three positions in the Fisherman's Race received cash prizes of USD$ 72.00, $ 57.00, and $ 43.00 respectively. Not a fortune, I know, by our standards, but with the average daily wage of just $ 1.07 in the area, this represents 2.59 months pay for the first position, 2.05 months pay for the 2nd and 1.55 months pay for the 3rd position (26 working days in the month). When looked at in this regard the prizes were received very gratefully. 

The Tiyanjane Trust is the first BVC (Beach Village Committee) to register in the area and I'm expecting many more to do the same after this event. These people are all fishermen trying to earn a living by means other than fishing. The idea is as Waterlands develops will employ more and more of these people and thus giving them an alternative income to fishing in the lake. In my speech I did inform everyone about your efforts in raising funds initially to protect the islands with ANDs within the National Park. This was received and understood very well by those attending fishermen. They have asked me to extend their thanks to all of you who have supported them with donations, as it is only through this kind development that they will ultimately be able to turn away from the lake for their source of income; and I have asked for this event to be held annually.