The AND float is made from 75 mm diameter x 450 mm long x 1.6 mm thick mild steel fencing pole, that is initially welded closed at the top end and has three barbed net catching metal strips welded to the outside at the closed end of the float. This is sealed with an epoxy resin on the inside to ensure no air is able to escape through any bad welding. Sealed plastic bottles are then placed inside the tube and a 5 mm round bar cross with a loop in the middle of it to attach the anchorage cable, is welded over the bottom end, care taken not to puncture the bottles when this is put in place. Waterproof foam is then injected into the base of the tube around the bottles leaving 10 mm of freeboard at the base into which is poured some more epoxy sealant. This design will lift six meters of 5 mm galvanized cable without effort.
150 of these devices have been in use for over a year around the Maleri Islands and the results are already noticeable. The local fishermen, who are allowed to fish beyond the 100 meter boundary of the Park, commented recently that there seems to be more fish around the islands. Also the tour operators of Danforth Yachting commented that the rock-dwelling cichlid populations around the Maleri islands are in a much better shape than those at Cape Maclear and they now prefer to bring their guests to the Maleris for snorkeling and/or diving excursions.