Preface by Les Kaufman 7
Introduction 9
Lake Victoria: climate, limnology and history 13
The cichlid species flock 20
The Mbipi, overlooked subflocks like the Mbuna of Lake Malawi? 25
Taxonomy of rock-dwelling cichlids 29
Habitat and ecology of rock-dwelling cichlids 36
Keeping and breeding of rock-dwelling cichlids 44
Identification of rock-dwelling haplochromine cichlids 58
Introduction to the species discussions 63
Vertical bar Mbipi 66
Chessboard Mbipi 146
Rock-dwelling cichlid species of other lineages 179
Frequent intruders from other habitats 250
Astatoreochromis, Oreochromis and Tilapia at rocky shores 258
Non-cichlid fishes from rocky shores 263
Evolution of rock-dwelling cichlids 269
Conservation of rocky shores and their fish 278
Distribution maps 281
Tables with taxonomic measurements 291
References 296
Species index 302